In the SITraN group of Machine Learning of the University of Sheffield we are organizing a series of meetups to bring together people interested in Data Science! The meetings typically consist on presentations of relevant contributors to the Data Science field combined with informal discussion, poster sessions, round tables etc. In our first meeting we organized the first dynamic poster session using IPython-notebooks! You can have a look at the IPython-notebooks presented in the previous events here.

Feel free to join us! Actually, we are making up a mail list with everyone interested in these events. Do not hesitate to contact if you want to be part of it! Details about future the events will be updated in this web.

The Data Farm, March 2015

Neil gave a talk on The Data Farm for Sheffield’s Festival of Science and Engineering

Data Science in Africa, June 2015

From 15th-19th June with John Quinn, Andreas Damianou and Ciira wa Maina we are hosting a Data Science in Africa workshop to be based in Nyeri, Kenya.

December, 2014

Very pleased to announce our first appointment associated with the initiative. Mike Croucher will be moving to Sheffield in March.


12 Jun 2014, Stan and aspects of scientific computing support 16:00-17:00 Michael Betancourt- UCL. 17:00-18:00 Michael Croucher University of Manchester. 18:00 - IPython notebook poster session.

WHEN: 12 April 2014, at 16:00 hrs, WHERE: Engineering Graduate school, Pam Liversidge Buidling, Room PLB-D05

No registration is required. If you want to participate with an IPython-notebook feel free to contact We hope to see you there.

30 April 2014, IPython-notebook and Scikit-learn. Fernado Perez- University of Berkeley. Fabian Pedregosa - ParisTech. IPython-notebooks poster session: find the notebooks here. 30 April 2014, at 16:00 hrs. Engineering Graduate school, Pam Liversidge Building Room PLB-D05