The exam for this module will be split in two parts:

  • Part A – A Multiple Choice Question test for the duration of 1hr and 30 min, that will count 30% of the final grade
  • Part B – A notebook with the implementation of allocated projects that will count for 70% of the final grade.

The project will be a collection of all the tools experienced in the practical labs, implemented on a set of real data. It will be developed in groups of students, final notebooks will have to be handed in individually.

The lab practical notebooks handed in during the module will constitute formative feedback that can be used for the final project and to build knowledge and proficiency in coding.


Take note of the following useful tips for the assessment.

  • Don’t forget to put the correct label on the axis of your plots.
  • Make sure that you read well the instructions often hints and tips in the instruction are important lead to the answers.
  • Make sure you critically evaluate the plots you produced and are what you would expect them to be.
  • When you write interpretation of the analysis make sure you check that what it is written is theoretically correct and try to be more compact using technical terms rather then wordy sentences.
  • Always check for accuracy. For example, saying that you have a histogram when you are displaying a simple bar chart, it not is not correct.
  • Ensure you are precise with your wording - say exactly what you mean. Short concise sentences are much better than long ones that try to convey several points.
  • Think about how the data supports what you are saying.