Lab Classes Deadlines

The practical classes need to be handed in the form of notebooks by the following deadlines:

  • Monday 12th November (Week 8) by 3:00pm (Group A)
  • Tuesday 13th November (Week 8) by 3:00pm (Group B)
  • Monday 19th November (Week 9) by 3:00pm (Group A)
  • Tuesday 20th November (Week 9) by 3:00pm (Group B)
  • Monday 26th November (Week 10) by 3:00pm (Group A)
  • Tuesday 27th November (Week 10) by 3:00pm (Group B)
  • Monday 3rd December (Week 11) by 3:00pm (Group A)
  • Tuesday 4th December (Week 11) by 3:00pm (Group B)
  • Monday 10th December (Week 12) by 3:00pm (Group A)
  • Tuesday 11th December (Week 12) by 3:00pm (Group B)

Setup to run the lab classes is using Jupyter notebooks on CoCalc. All the notebooks will have to be uploaded on this system in your labClasses folder including the final project.

Formative feedback will be given on the notebooks that are saved in that folder by the above deadlines. We will use a variety of feedback methods including self assessment and peer marking. The solved notebook for each of the practical sessions will be given on the Tuesday following the above deadlines.

Self-marking is to be handed in on the Wednesday by 5:00pm following the above deadlines. Revising your own notebook following the solutions provided is highly advisable. Additional feedback will be given only to self-marked notebooks.

Final Project Deadline

The final project will have to be saved in its final form on the CoCalc system in your FinalProject folder. It will marked and its grade contributes to the 70% of the final module grade.

Final project deadline

Final projects will have to be saved in their final versions on the CoCalc personal folders by 14th January 2018 by 5pm.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Deadline

The exam dates will be released in due time at the end of Sem 1. The MCQs will contribute 30% to the final module grade.