The Open Data Science Initiative has been hosting a series of evenings focussed on data that have begun to give us an idea of the scope of different data projects across the University. To encourage further discussion and crystalise some of the work in Sheffield we are organising the data@sheffield workshop on the 16th December (the day after the December Data Hide). This meeting will show case Sheffield projects and host international speakers focussed on data science .

Topics at the data@sheffield conference include an introduction to OpenML (open, networked machine learning), an example of remote sensor deployment and data collection, security in smart grids, the law and data, methods for anonymising datasets, modelling infection disease in a developed country and how to improve research software engineering, among others.

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The Open Data Science Initiative

The event is hosted by the Open Data Science Initiative.

The open data science initiative is an attempt to make data science more accessible to those that need to handle and understand data. We are developing a philosophy of Open Data Science which ensures access to methodologies and tools across the community of users where it is needed: in industry, clinical applications, science and the developing world. Our philosophy is to make methodologies and tools accessible through education and sharing of implementations and expertisex.

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This event is made possible by a grant from: Amazon AWS in Education Grant Award,  Facebook Faculty Award,  EPSRC