Take a look at Navier Stokes equations and find out what they are used for. What are the pure mathematics aspects of the equations and what are the applied mathematics aspects? Where does computation come in?

Think about the relationship between Computer Science and Maths. In absolute terms we many of the challenges of Computer Science are how to implement maths on a Computer (e.g. the Turing test, the way a processor works). For Mathematics, particularly pure mathematics, there is a lot of interest in separating the maths from the implementation. Mathematics can stand alone, outside implementation, emerging purely through abstract thought.

Have a look at the Wikipedia page for Principia Mathematica and Godel’s incompleteness theorem as well as the Barber Paradox. How does this sort of pure mathematical thinking effect Computer Science?

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Non-Academic Task

Before this tutorial you also need to read through the Computer Science First Year’s Tutorial Booklet on unfair means and plagiarism. You need to fill in the form provided and prepare to submit your answers to MOLE2. (Semester 1, week 4).