No meeting this week due to lack of room availability (sorry, I need to get more organised on the rooms).

In your own time, I’d like you to have a look at a mathematician called John Baez. He is a Mathematical Physicist at University of California, Riverside. He’s got interests in network theory, information geometry and more recently the climate. He posts regular interesting articles. Here’s a few posts that I find particularly interesting.

We will look at Google+ and check how to follow his Please can I suggest the following actions? Follow John Baez’s Google+ feed.

On 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

On Logic and Real and Complex Numbers

On Machine Learning

On Hyperreal Numbers and infinitesimals

Please have a read around all his threads and find the idea or concept you’d like to discuss the most! Then we’ll have a session on that.

Also: Non Academic Task 1 (see below)

Non-Academic 1

The Sheffield graduate development program) is about how you should be developing your CV alongside your academic work. You should create a new version of your CV and think about how it will read to prospective employers or companies where you might want to do an internship. (Semester 1, week 3)