MATLAB SVM toolbox written by Anton Schwaighofer

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This is Anton Schwaighofer's SVM toolbox for MATLAB. It used to be hosted by Anton on line but the page is down so we've added it here.

Support Vector Machine toolbox for Matlab Version 2.51, January 2002

Contents.m contains a brief description of all parts of this toolbox.

Main features are:

This toolbox optionally makes use of a Matlab wrapper for an interior point code in LOQO style (Matlab wrapper by Steve Gunn, LOQO code by Alex Smola). To compile the wrapper, run mex loqo.c pr_loqo.c Make sure you have turned on the compiler optimizations in The LOQO code can be retrieved from The wrapper comes directly from Steve Gunn.

Copyright (c) Anton Schwaighofer (2001)

This program is released unter the GNU General Public License. See License.txt for details.

Changes in version 2.51:

Changes in version 2.5:

Changes in version 2.4:

Changes in version 2.3:

Changes in version 2.2:

Changes in version 2.1: Fixed a nasty bug at the KKT check

Changes in version 2.0: All relevant routines have been updated to allow the use of a SVM with 2norm of the slack variables (NET.use2norm==1).